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If you’re self-employed (or a contract employee) and you want to take out a mortgage, there are a few slight differences to the process that you might need to consider. To ensure that things go smoothly, Realtor Margo Laustsen outlines what to consider.


As a freelancer, due to the impermanent nature of your work, there are certain requirements that you may need to meet that salaried workers will not.


● The Mortgage Reports notes that income stability is paramount and you’ll need to be able to prove you have two to three years of income history ● The financial strength of your business may be assessed as well as its ability to generate revenue moving forward

● Like with salaried workers, you’ll need to provide a down payment of up to 20%


To prove a history of uninterrupted self-employment income (usually over two years), you’ll need to provide the right paperwork.

● points out that employment verification may include current clients, business licenses, and insurance contracts

● Income documentation includes personal tax returns, bank statements (maybe from your business bank account), and profit/loss statements, including potentially Schedule C, Forms 1120S or K-1 ● A personal accountant willing to verify the aforementioned documents

Mortgage Types

It’s important to get to grips with the varying types of mortgage, available to both freelancers and salaried workers

● Conventional loans are bracketed into either ‘conforming’ or ‘non-conforming’ with regard to Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) standards ● If you have outstanding credit and you earn enough, you can apply for a ‘jumbo loan’ that will be disregarded by FHFA standards ● Alternatively, a smaller down payment can be partly subsidized with a government loan

As a freelancer, just as with a salaried worker, there are varying levels of complications when it comes to applying for a mortgage. To give yourself the best shot, it’s important to be organized and ensure you have all the right paperwork.

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