Home Projects That Can Sell Your Home Quickly

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Selling your home can feel nerve-wracking because you can never truly predict the housing market, but there are some projects you can do to help your home sell quickly. Here are some tips on home improvement projects that can help you sell your home as soon as possible.
Easy DIY
You don’t need to invest thousands to make your home look elegant and ready for sale. One thing you can do is paint where it’s needed. Choose bright, neutral colors to emphasize light and give your home a classic aesthetic. Don’t just paint the walls. If your cabinets have seen better days, you can stain them or paint them to give them a fresh look. You may want to get new hardware throughout your house. Dingy door handles and stained faucets can make your home seem old or drab. It doesn’t take much to replace these things (new cabinet knobs or pulls can cost as low as $2), either in cost or labor. Ensure that your windows are in good shape as well. Are your curtains too dark? Do they hide light? Are your blinds old and a little outdated? Replace or remove them to let in as much light as possible and keep the appearance of cleanliness for each room.
One of the easiest ways to completely transform a home is to replace your flooring. If your floor creaks or is warped or damaged in any way, it’s time to replace it. Wooden floors are the clear favorite with buyers, so you might install a floating floor. You simply glue or snap the wooden planks in place over any flat, solid floor, and voila! You’re done. It’s quick and easy to do. If you find tiles appealing, but you’re not excited about the price, you could use vinyl tiling. You’ll get the look of tile without paying a large amount of money. If a buyer wants to replace what you do, that’s up to them. However, having a floor that appears new can go a long way to making a quick sale.
Your Exterior
You want your home to have what is called “curb appeal.” If your house looks pristine from the outside, it will invite people in. However, if it looks run down, potential buyers may wonder what you have overlooked inside as well. Your garden or yard should be neat and trim. If parts of your lawn are brown, make sure you treat them in advance of any showings to help your lawn come back to life. You may need to repaint your door, trimming, or even the entire outside of your home. If you want to add color, potted flowers can introduce vitality and add panache.
Just as the outside of your home needs to look in good condition, so does the inside of your home. You should do a thorough cleaning and make sure your home smells nice, especially during showings. The best way to do this is to hire a service to give your home a one-time deep cleaning. If you’d prefer to do it yourself, or you feel that you won’t be able to maintain this level of cleanliness, search for a housekeeper. He/she can accomplish general household chores like laundry, tidying, or other tasks that you wish to be completed. The per-hour cost of housekeeping is generally between $50 and $90.
Focus on keeping your interior classic and simple. If you have too much furniture, you may create barriers. You want the home to seem spacious and free-flowing. Remove personal items, like family pictures or art pieces that are not neutral. Organize everything, including kitchen drawers and closets, as people may go through them as they view your home.
Calculate Your Profit
Before you commit to any renovation, make sure you look at how much you’ll be making in return for your work. By calculating your estimated sale price, you can discern what will be worth it and what you can’t afford to do. Many real estate websites offer a calculator you can use, just make sure that the one you use includes the price of a real estate agent, your mortgage, and other fees you’ll need to consider when buying a home. Once you have the proceeds estimated, you can decide what your home makeover budget will be.
It only takes a little work to improve your chances of selling your home quickly and for a good profit. Fix the trimmings, do a little painting and staging, and make sure whatever endeavors you undertake will end up turning a profit. With the right level of elbow grease, coupled with proper planning, you may see your home sell quicker than you expected.
Article written by Suzie Wilson